He/Him, 20, Attempted Game Dev

Dream Address: DA-3405-4436-5559

Message me on Discord at Mudkip#5861, DM me on Twitter or send me asks on Tumblr!

DNI if you are a TERF/Ace Exclusionist/Homophobic/Racist/etc. You probably get the gist of it.

If you clicked on this Carrd you're probably not any of these things?? Dunno.

Of course if I picked a fight with you first my DNI is null since I started it.

Curently working on a few things...

I'm helping with the OELVN KEY-style project "Memories~ The Guardians of the Goddess"... It has a simple demo out right now but it's short, and a better one is coming soon. I don't have a ton of direct influence over that project, and I don't have an amazing grasp on the plot. It is going to be pretty long in the end. The project has kind of been riddled with issues but the director lives in an unstable region so I understand.

Most importantly to me, Super Drekin 1.0 which is sorta Danganronpa inspired but doesn't have a killing game. It has top down walking segments in place of first person ones, and a few minigames like turn based battles in place of class trials. It's still in the early stages. If anyone even reads this, feel free to ask about it if for some reason you wanna hear. I'm horrible with names almost all of them are just named after their design gimmick until I can decide. (ie: "Dragon Girl")

Finally working on While Preparing For a Bath I Accidentally Summoned an Eyeless Demon!? The Fate of My Eyes Is On The Line: My Daily Life With Mr. Eyes to be released in Mid to Late October. It's inspired by a kind of lame creepypasta summoning ritual story just titled "Mr. Eyes."

Stan Dragon Girl Drekin.

I'm 20 years old, Gay, and Ace.

Attending school at University of Kentucky...

I like programming in Ren'py, but I'm not very good at sprite portraits or background art so I haven't made many original projects yet.

In the past I was the developer of a mildly infamous series of visual novels... Mudkip's Dating Simulator 1, Mudkip's Dating Simulator 2, and finally Mudkip Goes to Walmart then Dies. I was going to make a final game in the series to wrap it up, but it ballooned out of control and was cancelled.

If I had to say I had one goal it would probably be to make a VN or Game that at least one person unironically thinks is in their top 10 games ever? It's probably unrealistic but it's something I desire.

I occasionally write VN reviews on my Wordpress, which you can see in the homepage link section.

Uhh... I really like Animal Crossing? If you need fruit or something please ask!!!

I can be reached though DMs on Twitter or Mudkip#5861 on Discord.

If you for some reason read all of this, congratulations. You're now a me expert. You'll mostly have learned I'm kind of boring.

Top Favorite Characters

-Nagito Komaeda
-Andrew Minyard
-Kokichi Oma

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